Round Dance Workshops P2-P4
Saturdays, 1-4 twice a month
With Square Wheelers/ Hayseeds
Sunday Nights (call for schedules) 
Barbara 808-293-9475
"The Hawaii Roundabouts are fortunate to have had wonderful friends and teachers who have taught us the basics of round dancing and introduced us to the various rhythms up to the P4 level. 

After the Square Wheelers' cuer retired in 1995 we danced to records until Dan and Alison Drumheller, who were here in Hawaii with the Air Force, offered to cue. When they left the islands in 2002, Barbara and Isamu Tatsuguchi took over, using the 3 mini-disks Dan made of his cued dances. 

Bill and Linda Maisch then became the Federation's Festival cuers for over 10 years, taking the dancers under their wing by offering free workshops and giving them a speaker and an amplifier. This enabled them to have bi-monthlyworkshops. The group was officially named the Hawaii Roundabouts in 2012. 

Its members are a small but enthusiastic group of dancers with members SJBunch and Jenny and John Fung assisting with teaching and demos. 

We are also indebted to Ron and Donna Baba (Canada), and Larry Sperry(Montana) for offering free workshops at the Festivals and furnishing DVDs and video demos. They, along with the Drumhellers and Maisches are part of our "Ohana." Our collection of mini-disks has grown from Dan’s original 3 to 60 and we now have over 450 dances to choose from! Sorry, no hulas!